How to upload your data

Congratulations! You’ve found a caterpillar!

The next step is take a photo of it. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece shot, but the clearer the caterpillar is, the easier it will be to identify what species it is.

Getting started with BowerBird

To use BowerBird, you need to make an account

join bowerbird

and then you need to join the Caterpillar Conundrum Project on BowerBird. To do this:

Click ‘Projects’ in the top banner

join project 1

Then click ‘Search’

join project 2

Search for the word ‘Caterpillar’

join project 3

The Caterpillar Conundrum project should appear. Click the ‘Join’ button. You’ve now joined the project!

join project 4
Upload your photo

To upload your caterpillar photo, click ‘add a sighting’

add a sighting

Upload your image…

add media

and make sure you add it to The Caterpillar Conundrum Project! (You can only add sightings to a project you have already joined, so make sure you’ve already found The Caterpillar Conundrum project and clicked ‘join’ – see above for instructions).

select project

Make sure the coordinates of the locality are as accurate as possible. Knowing where specimens (or photographs) are from is extremely important for scientists.

Fill in as many details as possible, including the date you found it, and write a description of your sighting. You could include things like the physical description of your caterpillar, where you found it, how it is behaving, etc. You could also upload a picture of the rearing container you’ve made for it.

You can edit your sightings after you’ve saved and shared them, so if you caterpillar makes a cocoon, take another photo and add it to your sighting (if possible without disturbing the cocoon). Make a note in the caption of this photo of the date the caterpillar formed the cocoon. If you have a butterfly or moth emerge, try and get a picture of that too, and add it to the sighting, again making a note of the date in the caption. The important thing is to add it all to the same sighting, so we can keep track of which butterflies belong to which caterpillars. See below for instructions.

How to edit your sighting to upload photos of the cocoon and the adult.

Whilst you are logged in to BowerBird, click on the title of your sighting in The Caterpillar Conundrum project.

edit sighting

Then click ‘Edit’

edit sighting 2

Add Media to upload your photo of the cocoon or the adult
edit sighting 3Click the play/arrow icon in the top left of the new image to edit the details of the image.edit details

In the Image Caption, add the date the cocoon was formed (or the adult emerged if it’s an image of your adult butterfly or moth).

edit details 2

Click ‘Done’ then scroll down to the bottom of the page and ‘Save’.