Our Friends

The Caterpillar Conundrum project has received help and support from different organisations. Check out our friends below who have helped get us off the ground!


Bugs n Slugs

Kristen  Messenger and her staff are an amazing wealth of knowledge about all invertebrates, including caterpillars! Bugs n Slugs offers invertebrate and nature education programs for schools, preschools and more!

The Discovery Circle 

Join the Discovery Circle for fun opportunities to contribute to research and learn about local natural environments. The Discovery Circle runs Citizen Science projects, interactive workshops and publishes informative blogs to help you connect and learn.

Mustard the Dinosaur

Mustard the Dinosaur is the place where you can keep up to date with the day-by-day happenings of a PhD student! Some of the posts will be shared on the Caterpillar Conundrum blog, but if you want to know all the things that go on in PhD project, Mustard is the dinosaur to follow! He also has a facebook page: